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I have just started the task of clearing out ivy from the middle of my escalonia hedge bushes (which I recently cut back). So far I have cut the ivy back to ground level and removed it from the bark of the bushes. Is this major exercise a waste of time? How can I kill or discourage future ivy growth, please? Pauline



paint the cut stems with scrub and brush stump killer . then its a case of keeping an eye out for new growth and pulling it out.

not a waste of time just a pain in the proverbial :o)

2 Feb, 2012


Very many thanks. Pauline

2 Feb, 2012


Remember to paint the brush killer on fresh cuts--it won't absorb into a cut more than 20 minutes old.

2 Feb, 2012


good point Tugb :o)

3 Feb, 2012


It's the sort of job that you may have to repeat to keep on top of the ivy. I'm thinking of sowing Ivy Broomrape to reduce the vigour of some ivy. You can get it from Chiltern Seeds and it only shows above ground when it flowers!

7 Feb, 2012


Hmm....Sounds interesting, Volunteer, but does it ever attach to Fatsia japonica?

7 Feb, 2012

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