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I have bluebells in pots in my garden. The leaves are quite high and have been looking very healthy - until the temperature in London plunged a couple of days ago. Now the leaves have drooped dramatically. Does this mean they will die before they bloom? Can I do anything to protect them?



hi and welcome.i would just let nature take its course they should be fine.just make sure the pots are stood on something to get air under the pots and to stop them from getting waterlogged.good luck.

3 Feb, 2012


i have bluebells sprouting in the garden they coped with last years winter and they cope in the wild. drooping is natural in cold weather conditions.

3 Feb, 2012


In pots if the whole pot has frozen and stays frozen for a while you may have a problem, otherwise they will be fine.

3 Feb, 2012


Many thanks for your advice. I was worried about the bluebells because I moved home recently, and brought the bulbs with me in pots, so I would have a reminder of my old garden (the new garden is tiny). I now feel confident that they will be fine!

4 Feb, 2012


Many plants do this drooping thing in cold weather, but as long as they are hardy plants they will be ok. Is it possible to move the pots up against the house wall for extra protection?

7 Feb, 2012

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