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can anyone tell me by putting big amounts of grass clippings dug into the ground, would be a unbalanced food for growing veg. thanks



Large amounts of grass clippings dug in will use up the nitrogen in the soil. Compost on their own and spread out in an annual open heap to stop them becoming a slimey mess or mix with other compostable materials in a bin. Could use some in your potato trenches as it helps to prevent potato scab on alkaline soil.

4 Feb, 2012


if you buried garss clippings it would become a slimey mess as no air can get to it to allow the decay process to take place.if left buried for a long period it would just create methane and leachate(CH4 gas and a liquid that drains to the base of all rubbish.)methane and leachate will kill plant matter and prevent new grass growth if buried under a lawn for example.

4 Feb, 2012


I have been storing grass clippings in a heap over the summer to use as a mulch on the veggie garden as the crops are lifted. This stayed there over winter and is now being dug in as I prepare the beds for this years crops. All nicely rotted down.

4 Feb, 2012



4 Feb, 2012

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