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am having building work done will plywood protect my lawn

On plant am having building work done will plywood protect my lawn



Not exactly - if you mean to protect it from builder's boots, maybe, for a short period. If you mean to protect it from builders' pallets of materials, then it'll help - but again only for a short period.

4 Feb, 2012


Left covered for more than a week, or so, the grass is likely to be killed, or badly weakened. Also, plywood won't protect well from compaction by heavy equipment.

4 Feb, 2012


To be brutally honest, if anything at all heavy or light-excluding is left on your lawn for any length of time, it is going to damage it, if not kill it. We had nearly 5 months' work going on in front of our house, and I cried over the muddy, compacted remains of my lawn. A year on, and it had pretty much recovered, two years on, you wouldn't have known there had ever been a problem. Don't despair! Just treat it extra specially well when you can, spike to ease compaction, and give it a good feed when appropriate. You could be lucky!

4 Feb, 2012


True, anything other than basic common sense protection--i.e., "Drive over there, not here!"--does more damage than good, when continued for any length of time.

4 Feb, 2012


what plywood will do is help stop the ground getting made uneven bye machines boots etc and a tarp will help under it to catch debry . then all you have to do is reseed and airate instead of leveling etc .

5 Feb, 2012

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