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how do we take care of a grape vine? It looks like it is at least 20 yrs old and in the metro Atlanta area. What to do?



Welcome, Roy!
Do you know what kind of grape it is? There are several main types that will grow in the Atlanta area:
European grapes~ These have leaves that are smooth both front and back, medium to dark green in front, and lighter in back. They produce the main commercial wine, table, and raisin grapes.
American grapes~ These have dark green, rough leaves that are whitish-woolly on the back. They are mainly grown for juice, but some varieties make excellent table or wine grapes. The fruit usually has a distinctive "foxy" flavor. They're also resistant to many of the pests and diseases that plague European varieties. 'Concord' is the most famous variety.
American Hybrids~ Crosses between the above two kinds, intermediate in characteristics, and often with seedless fruit.
Muscadine grapes~ A Southern exclusive, since they don't grow well where the summers aren't long, very warm, and humid. They have large grapes that are bitter unless cooked, but they make excellent preserves, pie, or wine.
Each kind has different care and pruning instructions, and I can help you with the first three, but others could probably help better with the Muscadines.

4 Feb, 2012

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