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I love the small peppers filled with soft cheese sold in morrisons & would love to grow some, they put on the label they are African but I can`t find these on the internet or anywhere in my gardening books can anyone help please. Thanks.



I don't know what the Morrisons ones look like, never bought them - google small sweet (assuming they're not chilli) peppers and loads of info comes up - Thompson and Morgan sell what they call 'minibell' sweet pepper seeds.

5 Feb, 2012


I rather like the really hot stuffed peppers (i.e. chillis) but Morrisons maybe quite different. I think they maybe use cherry peppers, which are not incredibly hot. If you want to buy seeds so you can grow your own, or just to browse the different types, try it is a Dutch company, but I am sure they'll post seeds anywhere. Let us know how you get on.

5 Feb, 2012


Could be one of the jalapeno? Available from garden centres, as seed or plants. Have grown these both outdoors, under plastic sheeting in the summer, and indoors, in a conservatory environment. You need lots of light and warmth, with regular watering to keep moist, when surface has dried out. When it is warm and bright, roll back the sheeting.

5 Feb, 2012


I think they are the Cherry pepper or Pimento. There are a few varieties most are mild. I pickled some this year, they are quite easy to grow. I think if you ask at Morrisons Customer Services they will be able to track what the variety is.

5 Feb, 2012


Do they look like these, Eileen?

6 Feb, 2012


Thanks for all your comments, I looked on wikipedia & yes Peppadew is the one, thanks Tugbethil.
I already grow Jalapeno every year with great success, then slice & pickle them, they are great on pizzas in winter. Try them yourselves & enjoy. I grow mine in a Leanto,attached to the side of my shed they do well.

7 Feb, 2012

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