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A bit confused about Favourites. Favourite members I understand, but if you add a blog to Favourites where does it go and how do you access it?



It goes to your own file Steragram. When you go back to your own profile page, there's a box there marked 'favourites' - it goes in there so you can review it when you like. Hope this makes sense.

5 Feb, 2012


Sheila is right Stera. Go to your profile and there is a box with a heart on it, click this and you will have a choice to see your favourite photos, blogs or members. That is where all the things you have chosen to keep as faves. will be. It takes time to find your way around on here!

6 Feb, 2012


Thank you very much, both! Easy when you know how isn't it? But it only seemed to have blogs and photos - what about favourite questions? I'm sure I've seen people say they are adding one to their favourites too.

9 Feb, 2012


Maybe you havent actually clicked folk as your favourite Stera, if you want to have someone in particular as a friend then you have to go to their profile and click the box 'add to my favourites', this sends that person a message to say you have become their friend, you then see everything that that person puts on, ie. photos/ blogs etc. on your profile list! Bit confusing trying to explain, hope this makes sense. Not sure about fave. questions dont think it lets you save them!

9 Feb, 2012


Ah, if it doesn't let you that explains why I couldn't do it. I just thought I remembered people saying they were adding some answered questions to favourites as well.
Anyway, thanks all for being so helpful. There were a couple about garlic as an insecticide that I particularly wanted to refer back to.

9 Feb, 2012


Have a word with Terratoonie, she will guide you there. Maybe you read about the garlic on someones blog and then someone else said ' I will save this as a fave', maybe thats what you were thinking! Lol easy to get lost sometimes.

10 Feb, 2012


Stera, I have solved your prob!!!! Go to he bottom of the page and you will see the alphabet, click on G. and then click on Garlic in the list. When you get to that page scroll down to about halfway and you will find all the garlic related questions!!!! Yeahhhhhhhh. maybe there you will find the question & answer that you were looking for.

10 Feb, 2012


Grandmage you are a star. I didn't realise the questions were filed under there. Bless you. Stand by for a garlic smell.

10 Feb, 2012


Neither did I actually Stera, found just by searching.:~)

10 Feb, 2012


Well it was kind of you to go to the trouble - much appreciated.

10 Feb, 2012


My pleasure Stera.

11 Feb, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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