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What is this plant?


By Bobbit

United Kingdom Gb

It's a deciduous shrub about five foot tall, four foot spread. It has a single "trunk". The shrub is over twenty years old but it's never been pruned. The leaves turn red in autumn then drop off. The leaves are just over one inch long by three-quarter wide, with a slightly pointed tip. The upper surface is slightly furry. The flowers appear at the beginning of April and have five white petals on a trumpet shape. The trumpet part is pink. There are about five "bunches" of seven flowers at the end of each "twig". They are very fragrant.





10 Apr, 2009


I am pretty sure it's a Viburnum. It might be Viburnum Farreri but there a good number of them that are similar.

I am sure there are others who might give you a more definite response.

10 Apr, 2009


I tend to agree with Inverglen & to make sure I did a search on Google & found some pictures & even an interesting website for finding plants:

10 Apr, 2009


dont know bt it is pretty. its not a weigela and its leaves do look viburnum-ish.
what does it smell like?

10 Apr, 2009


Agree with Viburnum genus ..Farreri tends to winter flower Nov - Feb on bare stems if flowering now in the green would suggest V.Carlesii Aurora .The fragrance is lovely.

10 Apr, 2009


I would agree with Viburnum carlesii Aurora, but V.c. Diana is very similar.

10 Apr, 2009


Mea culpa!

11 Apr, 2009


Ah Wagger - suus non vestri mendum ( hope thats the latin for its not your fault ! )

11 Apr, 2009


i only know 2 latin phrases, taught to me by my brothers so they will be naughty!

11 Apr, 2009


Dont know any Sbg .. used search to translate so hope its not rude either !

11 Apr, 2009

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