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Leontopodium souliei - from where is it and what soil does it need??


By Nelke

Germany De

I bought one last year. Since I knew nothing about it, I put it onto lime-soil. But now I have doubts though it comes.



Leontopodium souliei

by Iza Goroff

Leontopodium souliei is an oriental edelweiss, a member of the Asteraceae, the daisy family. The family, second in species number only to the Orchidaceae, contains over 950 genera and over 20,000 species, many of horticultural significance, both positive and negative. Leontopodium is a small genus, containing about 30 species, more if your botanist is a splitter, fewer if a lumper. Its small herbaceous plants are characterized by inconspicuous flower heads surrounded by conspicuous bracts. Two species are European; the rest are Asian.

Leontopodium souliei is found in the Hengduan Mountains of south China, together with at least 12 other Leontopodium species. Leontopodium souliei is said to be the closest in appearance of the Asian species to the European Leontopodium alpinum, the edelweiss. Leontopodium souliei differs in its more tufted and lower habit, its more linear leaves, and its narrower floral bracts. The pictured plants are about 2.5" (6 cm) tall in leaf with flower stems twice as high. They are much greener in leaf than plants of L. alpinum growing nearby, though other authors discuss gray foliage. L. souliei blooms at least a month later than L. alpinum, blooming in midsummer.

In its native habitat Leontopodium souliei grows in a variety of situations, mostly poor, very well drained soils. However, one explorer found it growing in a bog. Never the less, it is best grown in almost any well drained soil in full sun.

Propagation is by division or by seed. For seed germination others recommend using a temperature regime of 3 months of warm (~ 70F = 21C, followed by three months of cold (~ 40F = 5.5C or less), followed by a cool period when the seeds are expected to germinate.

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10 Apr, 2009

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