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what is the best way of getting rid of heavy growing moss


By Ann360

Dunbartonshire, United Kingdom Gb

my garden is overgrow with moss,have tried scarifying. but there doesnt seem to be any grass left



hi Ann. well you could grow a moss garden ! a lot of people do this, as i have been told, it is fashionable ! but if you want a good looking grassy lawn, scarifying is great but you must follow by a moss/weed killer straight away. Available at any garden centre. the moss will turn black after a week or so. Then rake, rake, rake the dead moss till you cannot rake no more ! as soon as this is done, you must start re-seeding your lawn. no point getting rid of moss if you do not put anything else after as any bare patches will be followed by weeds or more of the dreaded moss. April is perfect for sowing grass seeds as the ground is now warm and all is growing actively. Easy to do. Good luck.

10 Apr, 2009


Ann, how wet is the area you live in and how much direct light does your lawn get?
If you live in a damp part of the country you will always get moss in your lawn no matter what you do.
Personally we solved the problem by getting rid of all teh grass :-)

11 Apr, 2009


Yep, like Moon grower, I took up my front garden and have never regretted it. I laid down some black membrane which allowed water thro' but no light, so the weeds didn't come thro'. Then I laid 2 tons of pea shingle over it. I cut some holes in the membrane and planted ornamental grasses and it looks great, 10 years on!

12 Apr, 2009


Thanks. A good help

3 May, 2010


Craftnutter you are back! We on the other hand used loads of rock and created alpine/woodland beds... if you all lived nearer to us you could come and see them!

3 May, 2010

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