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I am new to roses but I would like to know if I put some wire around a tree would a climbing rose grow up it. Its only a small tree but would like to grow something up it but not ivy.



Difficult - wrapping mesh round the tree won't harm the tree, but attaching it to the trunk with nails or similar will. Wrapped mesh won't be strong enough to support rose growth. I'd be inclined to choose a clematis instead - you can wrap the trunk loosely with clematis mesh and let the clematis climb up on its own. Which variety you choose depends on whether its a sunny spot or quite shady, but I'd choose a viticella variety - one that needs cutting down in midwinter, or by mid February.

8 Feb, 2012


my climbing rose is nicley right up my cherry tree . all i did carefully (ouch) lol is aimed the new growth in the right direction and with all its spines its on so many branches it hols even threw the strongest breezes . ive found that electritions tape is very good as it gives when the plant (rose) and or tree gets thicker . you can get it in gawdy colours excuse my spelling so you can easily see it to take it of once your plant is established or get green tape which dissapears in with the shrubbery . the worse case sinariow (ouch thats terrible spelling lol) is that the plant will grow so much its just eventualy breaks it . its good because as long as you put it on dry and make sure it wraps around and back onto itself it stays in place threw all kinds of weather unlike wire which strangles etc .

8 Feb, 2012


I have not done it before with wire mesh, but have planted an iceberg rose against another bare tree trunk before and it climbed itself very well on it's own. I have a picture of it in my 'Rose' Blog I wrote last year. I am planning for the 1st time to wrap a very old cherry tree trunk with wire mesh as soon as the snow thaws..I'm doing it because I have 5 climbers planted round it, I will only wrap half way, I believe they will then make their own way wherever they wish once they reach the branches. I shall post pictures as time goes on to show progress. Good Luck!

8 Feb, 2012


Agree with NP and Michaella - you don't need to nail anything into the tree at all. String, ties, a bit of moving a stem, growing branch, to give it a better climbing option, is all you need. It may take two or three seasons, depending on the climber you have. Once it gets into the canopy, keep side shoots down so it grows upwards and lengthwards. Bend the final shoots down, encouraging flowering shoots, and tie them to the lower branches to create a 'line' of flowering - imagine a bridal veil growing out the top and down one side. You will need to keep on top of it regularly, so that it does not take over the canopy and kill/stump the tree. The final effect, though, will be stunning. I have done this on a small weeping birch, with a white climbing rose, and circled the base with hostas ... lovely!

8 Feb, 2012


thank you all so much for your information

8 Feb, 2012


your more than welcome .

8 Feb, 2012

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