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i have a broken garden ornament due to frost damage, does anyone have any good repair adhesives that they can recommend.
Unibond repair stone for good is a name that keeps cropping up but i have found out that this no longer available
Any answers most grateful as this is a sentimental statue



What material is it? (stone, marble, resin, glass, plastic etc). I know araldite can be used outside and is waterproof but am not sure if one can use it on all materials.

8 Feb, 2012


We used a 2 part product to repair a garden statue of a boy and girl some time ago now, maybe 4-5 years. It looks like putty in 2 tubes. You cut some off and mold it together. It goes warm and you marry up the broken parts and hold it there for about 1/2 hour, if not self supporting. I also recently used the same product from the same batch to quickly repair the front wall, after what I suspect was vandalism. So it keeps effective in storage. I made 2 flat sheets of it and plonked the wall back on top and side....job done, vandals out faced....bricks still very firmly there.

9 Feb, 2012

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