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By Googie

cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Looking for a climbing rose I found that prices range from £6.99 to £25.00. Is the difference the popularity of the rose or is it the more you pay the better the rose?



Neither, really - a lot depends on the size of the pot or plant itself - if its a larger, more mature one, it'll be more expensive. It is often more expensive to buy a rose that isn't common or popular though.

9 Feb, 2012


The less expensive ones tend to be bare root, which has advantages and disadvantages. They have a slightly higher mortality, but they make better plants in the long run, since they can adapt more quickly to their site. The very cheapest of the bare roots, though, tend to be short on roots and/or canes, which adds another year to the time they fill their role in the landscape, at best. The most expensive ones tend to be either the newest varieties, or the old kinds that aren't produced in job lots anymore.

9 Feb, 2012

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