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I want to plant some beech hedging what gap should I leave between them,when should I plant them,what prep for the ground,and what is the growth rate,reg keith



If you want a wider/thicker hedge a staggered row of 7 plants per meter or a single row of 3 or 4 per meter for a narrower hedge.These can be bought cheaply now and planted straight away as long as the ground isnt ground prep is essential but some compost or soil improver will be beneficial.Dependant on location they should grow around 12-18 inches per year when settled.Beech prefer a sunny well drained location but the very similiar hornbeam would deal better with heavier soils,strong winds and some shade.

10 Feb, 2012


Thank you I will start straight away

10 Feb, 2012


Monty mentioned it, when I had planted mine - never plant Beech on clay soil. I lost a lot of money. Only have 4 left from £65 worth. The ratio given above is far too close. Two metres between plants will be fine, they just grow and grow !

11 Feb, 2012


I have to agree with Dgw, if you are going to plant beech as bare rooted whips, then I would be inclined to plant 3 in a metre run (about 18 inches apart). I would also recommend planting carpinus (hornbeam), firstly, as the leaves are more attractive and a recent article suggested that hornbeam will be more likely to thrive in drought conditions (the possibility of global warming).

11 Feb, 2012


You are right, Dianebulley, for a long field hedge, but beech will also grow closer to create a more compact hedge more quickly. Agree with Jimmytheone and Dgw - advice from both will create a good thick hedge, especially when regularly twice-yearly trimmed. If you have low rainfall in your area, then hornbeam is a good hedge, as jimmytheone suggests. Not sure about the global warming bit though?!

11 Feb, 2012


Thank you all I'm not a gardener I'm a plasterer and with your help I'll get there thank you for the advice reg rodeo

12 Feb, 2012

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