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By L33_eth

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Sharing and swapping plants and seeds........... I was wandering if anyone knew if there was a website or some other way of contacting people that would like to share/ swap cuttings, plants and seeds with others.



Please don't think me forward, but what've you got?
I tend to contact people directly on this forum (and two more) offering seeds when they've shown interest in my photos. It becomes a reciprocal arrangement ultimately.

10 Feb, 2012


Hi Meanie, well not a great deal at the moment as Ive moved house recently and really want to transform the garden this year.

Hopefully when I get the garden more established I was hoping to swap cuttings/ seedlings with people but havent really known where to start asking

10 Feb, 2012


There was a seed swap section on this site but it was not used so they stopped it.
But I have offered seeds and plants on here to give away and sometimes for swapping. I have found this worked very well.
When you have something just write a blog on what you have/want and if interested they can contact you on your messages so as to keep your details private.

10 Feb, 2012


Ok thats great, thankyou. I'm starting my garden from scratch after a few years away from it so need as much "help" as I can get.

Thanks very much for the reply,


10 Feb, 2012
but never used it so no idea if it is any good.

11 Feb, 2012


What seeds/plants would you like? I have a selection of seeds including wild flower seeds - cosmos, pulmonaria, nigella, african marigold, blue or red lupins, and some mystery sweet peas?

11 Feb, 2012


avkq47..... Im looking for anything with an oriental/ Japanese feel so any help there would be great.

Many thanks, Lee

11 Feb, 2012


I've often thought it might be useful to be able to search for members by rough location. If you want to donate or accept a larger plant that would be too heavy to post it might be feasible to collect or deliver it if not too far away.
Have any of our mods considered this?

Sadly I found a new member recently who was within hearing distance of the starling roost near us but he wouldn't tell me where he lives so my hopes of swaps bit the dust!

11 Feb, 2012


Hello ... mostly shrubs and trees then, such as azalea, cherry etc, and topiary? The only other things that occur to me are lillies, poppies, sunflowers, and maybe lavatera - anything that has a structured single stem with flower/s? Sorry I have none of those at this time. If you like the ideas then Lilly bulbs and lavatera may be better off buying from your local Garden Centre. There are also the water-loving japanese irises and water lillies. The occasional yew sapling for topiary pops up, but as they are very slow growing, you may wish to also buy these direct from a nursery. Poppy seeds I can get in late summer, as well as sunflowers of various types. I will try to remember to collect these for you, if you still want them? Send me a reminder nearer the time.

12 Feb, 2012


Box is cheaper and quicker than yew, but would be authentic in a Japanese garden? Lots of folk on here grow bamboo, so asking for that specifically might produce something.

12 Feb, 2012

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