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What plant is this? Need help!

Netherlands Nl

Hi everyone! I've only recently started to grow trees and I made a big mistake: I mixed up the labels so now I can't remember where I planted which tree. So could you help me figure out which tree I've grown? Thanks so much!

Foto1 Foto2



Need a bit of a clue really, but the top one could be one of the Ash group, or Sorbus, or Laburnum. No idea as to the bottom one.

11 Feb, 2012


The second one could be elderberry but it is a bit soon to tell from these pics. If you still have the muddled labels can you give us a clue and we can make an educated guess which is which if you just tell us the names of your original purchases. ps welcome to goy.

11 Feb, 2012


Agree that a list of what you have sown will make life much easier ;-)))

11 Feb, 2012


Thanks Bamboo and Scotsgran! I'm pretty sure the top one is an Albizia but the second one is going to be really difficult.

Could be one of these :

ACER buergerianum
NANDINA domestica
PINUS thunbergii
ULMUS parvifolia

Thanks again for helping out!

11 Feb, 2012


Out of those 4, I think the second picture is most likely to be Ulnus parvifolia.

11 Feb, 2012


On a 50/50 basis take away acer and pinus, leaving nandina and ulmus. My hunch goes with ulmus.

11 Feb, 2012


Using exactly the same logic as Avkg, I would agree that it looks more like an elm than a Nandina.

11 Feb, 2012


I've just noticed I've put Ulnus rather than Ulmus - I really must get a new pair of glasses for the computer...

11 Feb, 2012


I have been checking your suggestions and come up with the following sites which seem to indicate you are right about the first being an albizia - a type of mimosa
Of the others I would perhaps plump for nandina I will be interested to see how your little seedlings develop.

Acer Bergerianum is the three toothed maple

My guess is -nandina

The pinus should have needle like foliage -pinus

Ulmus is described as having leathery, lustrous green single-toothed leaves which are small, 2–5 cm long by 1–3 cm broad.

11 Feb, 2012


Nandina has much smoother leaf surfaces and edges than the second seedling. My bet on that is with Ulmus, but not with U. parvifolia. The leaf size and shape is much more consistent with U. sibirica, commonly marketed as Chinese Elm by unscrupulous seedsmen. You might need to double check your seed source, Aristocratie! : ) Acer buergeranum is still a faint possibility, but its seedlings tend to be a lighter green with bronze accents, and all of the leaves would come in pairs, rather than quickly turning alternate, as this seedling seems to be doing.

12 Feb, 2012


If I may offer some advice about the Albizia seedling?
I lost several before I found out that the small seedlings dislike too much humidity. I corrected that and saved two plants.

13 Feb, 2012


@Meanie: thanks for the advice! I'll make sure to limit the amount of watering!

@Tugbrethil and the others: thanks for the comments! I've waited for another week and it seems to me it's the Ulmus indeed. We'll find out if it's the parvifolia or the sibirica soon!

19 Feb, 2012

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