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By L33_eth

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Anyone splitting their bamboo this year? (or any other oriental plants) As per my other question on here and on my blog Im looking to get my garden in shape this year and Im starting from scratch so would appreciate any offerings of plants for my garden that people may be splitting and/ or disposing of.

Im willing to collect and pay a nominal fee for the plants as Id rather someone on here have the money than a garden centre..... I live in Leeds so can collect from surrounding areas.

many thanks




Sorry, no bamboo this year - last block split last year and tipped, so should be okay for a bit. Good hunting - so much goes to waste every year so it is good to hear from someone prepared to wait and recycle. Perhaps Grows on You in the future may consider a recycling/swap shop? Worth a thought!

12 Feb, 2012


I believe their was such a thing but it didn't take off. People do swop via private messages though.

12 Feb, 2012


I've mentioned this on my other questions/ blog and there seems to be a bit of interest so maybe time to resurrect the idea?!

I'm sure therell be even more interest after winter once people are more active in their gardens.

Any ideas why this site isn't run like all other websites?, I.e. Forum based. I'm sure it'd be far easier to navigate and search and would probably stop the same questions being asked over and over

13 Feb, 2012



20 Feb, 2012


The designers designed it the way they did. Why not contact them and ask them.

Personally I quite like the way the site works. It is better to look at than most forums

20 Feb, 2012


There is the option to search questions by various parameters

20 Feb, 2012


Im used to the site now, it is different to Forumbased sites and thats OK with me, only one peev i have really, you cant insert pics into other members blogs, you have to start another blog to show pics relating to that blog :))) a bit of a bother really :)))

20 Feb, 2012


Was bumping the question about the bamboo rather than questioning the site layout.

20 Feb, 2012

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