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By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

Poorly Phalanopsis .

Roots still healthy .

But sad leaves help.




Doesn't look happy at all Scotkat. Sad enough to take a look at the collar and see if it has the rot. If not and you have any orchid soil to hand, discard the old soil. Trim and wash the root in lukewarm water. Sterilise the pot or a fresh one. Give it another whiz and a feed, another chance. If all too much bother.....a lovely new one.....good excuse!

12 Feb, 2012


Thankyou Dorjac yes have washed roots and trim old roots off and discard old bark and potted up with fresh .

And have jsut came back from Dobbies yes was over for something else but its not easy topass by the Orchids so have treated myself to new one.

12 Feb, 2012


You should never let an orchid stand in water!! that looks to me what you have done here! keep it in a light warm place, I use the bathroom windowsill which faces west.

Cut those yellow leaves off with a sharp blade, only water when dry I do it every two weeks this time of year, give a good water preferably rain water, let it stand for about ten mins; and then empty the saucer, when the leaves are dusty I spray with tepid water.
I think you have been too kind to this plant try to neglect it a bit it will do much better.
When the flowers die, just before the last one usually at the tip drops off, cut down to just above a node! then be patient it will probably be about 8 weeks befor e you get another flower stem.

12 Feb, 2012


Maggie it was not over watered as I have many Orchids sadly this was was still in my conservatory and it did drop temp quickly.
But I have done what you both have said.

Many thanks

12 Feb, 2012


there is another thing it could be, possibly too much light, can cause yellowing like that... how far did the temp drop Scotkat...below 5-8 degrees? i've had mine to that temp with no real probs but below that could be a problem..

12 Feb, 2012


I've a feeling that you mist them. Water collecting in the crowns of Phalaenopsis (and Paphiopedilum) causes the newer leaves to rot first.

13 Feb, 2012

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