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By Slugitt

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

I would like to grow some Sugar snap peas this year,
has anyone got a favourite variety they can recommend.
I intend them to be eaten raw in salads.



Hi Slugitt,
Last year I grew some Sugarbon in pots and they did quite well despite the cold and wet summer, I think Cascadia sound quite good as well. You can also pick the the pea shoots when they are still young and they are delicious in salads.

Happy planting


12 Feb, 2012


"Oregon" has always turned up trumps.

12 Feb, 2012


i picked up a pack from lidl's seed range last year. cant remember what they were called but they were cheap seeds and lovely.

12 Feb, 2012


Thanks everyone, I think I might have a trip to Lidl!

14 Feb, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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