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ive got a lawn about two acaker and the question is how do i get rid of moss which has taken over



You have a very big job on your hands !

Moss is caused by bad drainage and/or not enough light.

Drainage if it isn't too bad can be improved by spiking and sprinkling sharp sand into the holes. If you have trees/hedges blocking alot of the light you could consider lowering them or thinning them out.

If you have very bad drainage you'd need to get a contractor in to put in proper sub base drainage and or pipes . This for an area of 2 acres will be very expensive

You can also buy lawn seed specially formulated for shady areas.

Moss can be killed using a granular weed and feed which includes moss killer but if you don't solve the underlying problem by improving drainage/light levels it will return

12 Feb, 2012


I let our chickens out on our lawn until the flower beds started to sprout and didn't have any moss as they scratched it all up looking for food. You could have eggs too!

13 Feb, 2012


Good way to clear the top growth of moss but unless the underlying causes are removed it will return

13 Feb, 2012


You sure it is 2 acres? That is the size of around 2 football pitches or 88K metres square....

13 Feb, 2012


Why do you want to get rid of the moss? It is evergreen, and soft to sit on in the summer? If you have an underlying drainage problem, then cultivate what you have, there will also be less grass to cut, and if you keep your mower on a slightly higher level (No.4 or 5 perhaps depending on your own lawn) your mower will not be choking and creating circles in your lawn when you mow. Work with it, or replace all the lawn down to the subsoil - depends on what you want at the end of the day?

13 Feb, 2012

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