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Hyacinth bulbs for the following year

hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

what is the best way to treat hyacinth so i can make sure they will be o.k for next year?

On plant Hyacinthus orientalis (Hyacinth)



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Attempts to force the same bulbs for another indoor display will be unsuccessful, as forcing weakens the bulb and the bloom will be small and unsatisfactory the following year. Bulbs which have flowered indoors need to be planted in the garden, once the bulbs are back in the garden setting, they will return to a natural schedule, and in several years will again produce a wonderful show of flowers.

18 Apr, 2008


Just to add to Xelas advice if the bulb was grown in water as opposed to soil, throw it away! It will not regrow next year.
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20 Apr, 2008

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