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Hi all...I've just read Sandyq's question regarding removal of unwanted question is just the opposite, I want to take ivy cuttings from some 3year old, established variegated ivies...can anyone give me any tips as to how (and when) to take cuttings and begin establishing them as new climbers? Thankyou.....



Cuttings of ivy root really easily - sharp (horticultural) sand and compost mix, cuttings taken in spring or summer, preferably left in a cold frame.
Don't, though, take cuttings from the top of a mature ivy - ivy is peculiar in that cuttings taken from mature parts will result in a freestanding bush rather than a climber.
I've never tried it, but I do wonder if it would root if left in a bottle of water on a windowsill.

15 Feb, 2012


It will Bamboo...Took me two years to get rid of mine here. The very same plant has resurfaced in my neighbours garden and is peeping back over the wall at me.

15 Feb, 2012

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