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Is there such a thing as a dwarf anenome that could be grown in a 4" pot that is to go on a table of a wedding reception of a 'shabby sheik' theme (pink colours and other pale colours) that is in a Marqui in a field giving it a country feel to it?

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The de Caen anemones would probably do, but it is always difficult to get things to flower just when you want them. I guess you could try buying quite a lot of bulbs and planting them in succession? Lots of pictures on Google images.

Don't be tempted by the lovely little anemone blanda which are planted in autumn and flower early spring.

15 Feb, 2012


I doubt that Anemone dens-canis corms will flower on the exact date but we need to know when wedding reception is... I've said this before, and I'll probably say it again, if you want to guarantee flowers/blooms for specific date you need to pay the professionals... sorry but they are the only ones who can guarantee you will have flowers on a specific date.

15 Feb, 2012


and even then they wont always get it correct. I wanted lily of the valley and white muscari, but i went down the aisle with just the lily of the valley.

15 Feb, 2012


Lily of the valley reminds me - an old gardener told me once that you can get them to flower whenever you want by putting them in the fridge at the right time. Not that this is much help if you want anemones though.

16 Feb, 2012


Don't know about that Steragram but they are nigh on impossible to get rid of from a garden :-)

16 Feb, 2012


I am still trying to establish a clump with little success MG :o)

16 Feb, 2012


Send me a PM and will dig some up for you in spring.

Back to the Q what is a 'shabby sheik' theme? If we knew perhaps we could make other suggestions... Sulo?

16 Feb, 2012


I think Sulo means "shabby chic" MG. I had visions of a tatty Rudolph Valentino and a French nobleman in a marquee.....

16 Feb, 2012


Oh Beattie that gave me a laugh... would help if Sulo actually came back to us and said when the wedding is though.

17 Feb, 2012


Err hi everybody just looked up my junk mail and found all these answers. Sorry took so long to thank you for them even when I cant spell! Shows you how much I know about fashion trends. The wedding is on the 14th July 2012 and no I am not looking just at Anenomes but anything. Just bought some 'Grass Lagurus Ovatus Bunny Tails' to see if I can grow these on. One suggestion from Bride to be Kim is Strawberry plants!

18 Feb, 2012


Strawberries will just about have finished flowering by mid July and will be in fruit. Lagurus Ovatus Bunny Tails grows to 8 inches so would be a little tall. Consider things like dwarf campanulas, you might even be better off going and buying bedding plant plugs of low growing plants and using those in your 4 inch pots.

19 Feb, 2012


Thanks for that, I might just wait and see whats in the Garden Centres a couple of weeks before. Mind you its up to the bride Kim and she may change her mind yet again. Thanks for all your answers.

19 Feb, 2012


Hope it all goes well Sulo

19 Feb, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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