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By Joates

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the garden of my new house has been covered with limestone chipping,could i dig these into the soil underneath and have a viable medium for plants and veg.the chipping are approx 2inch deep.



Has it been laid on a weed suppressing membrane?

16 Feb, 2012


That is a lot of chippings I think you would be better to remove them and use elsewhere. Digging them in is going to limit what you can grow.

16 Feb, 2012


Rake 'em off into a pile - doesn't matter if a few have got into the soil, but that's far too many chippings to be just dug in. If there's a membrane beneath, rake off the top layer and then remove the membrane, complete with any chippings left on top.

16 Feb, 2012


Another thought - wouldn't incorporating a lot of limestone chippings make the soil rather alkaline for most veg and inhospitable for rhododendrons, azaleas, pieris, callunas etc?

16 Feb, 2012


Yup I would have thought so

16 Feb, 2012

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