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I have a problem with cats digging etc in the vegetable bed I am preparing. If I sprinkle pepper over the soil (a) Will it stop the cats and (b) Will it do any harm to the vegetables I hope to grow?

I would appreciate any advice
Many thank's



What about some canes and garden netting to stop them getting into dig I have done that in the past and it works’

16 Feb, 2012


Have you got access to any holly? Branches or twigs of that or any other spiky plants put between rows of vegetables is quite effective. Our cats do a lot of rolling around on freshly sown seedbeds, and it's one of the few things that works really well without compromising the seedlings.

16 Feb, 2012


A physical barrier as Steve has said is the only way that I have found to be effective, but that is a lot of work in a veg plot. Local cats have been pooing in my garden and digging my bulbs, damaging some. I would like to shot them but that would upset some cat lovers. You could try pepper (it does not work when wet BTW)- it will not harm your veg but you also need the barrier method.

16 Feb, 2012


We,ve talked a lot on here about dried chilli flake deterring squirrels,rabbits and mice, you could try it on cats....

16 Feb, 2012


Prickly twigs such as holly, gorse or long bramble trails are very discouraging. You can stick the twigs along the newly sown rows without enough room between for a good dig. Or if you are far enough away from neighbouring properties you might try an ultrasonic cat repeller. I have also found that criss crossing ordinary long twigs/small branches over the area works well as cats tend to go for larger areas or clear soil if they can find them.

16 Feb, 2012


Chicken wire - fairly cheap to buy, lay over the top when you've finished, not stretched flat, but bulging a bit here and there, anchor it down with something heavy in intermittent places round the edges. Remove when you want to work there, replace while the soil is bare.

16 Feb, 2012


Hi Colin,there is a plant you can get that gives off a strong scent to cats & they hate it & will not go anywhere near it.I can`t recall the name of it but other members may know it,plant it near your veg plot & the cats will stay away,guaranteed.

17 Feb, 2012

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