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When best to move and what conditions does it like best


By Tonyb

United Kingdom Gb

Needs moving to allow garden makeover, to a more maintainence friendly garden, was in shlter by old shed, which shielded it from cold notherly winds, common here in winter, (Newcastle under Lyme Nth Staffs). It was grown from a cutting and was nurtured through its first 2 winters by covering in bubble wrap, but several mild winters have made this uneccessary, but this hard winter it was neglected due to serious illness, and has miraculously survived.We don't want to kill it by moving it too early or late, or to the wrong spot. It was sheltered by the shed from winds, and to some extent it also kept the frost from damaging it. It is such a pretty plant, now some 4ft tall, needs some pruning also, but its the move we are really fretting over. can anyone help,please?



what plant are we talking about Tonyb

12 Apr, 2009


Thanks for reply to my query,the shrub is called,
Crinodendron hookerianum
Hope you can help.

12 Apr, 2009

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