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i have purchased some Dahlia rosella bulbs can you please tell me whether the tubes go into the ground or face upwards with the bulb in the ground please.
Plz can u tell me I brought my geraniums in last year got off excess soil wrapped them in newspaper&left them in a warm dry place.Can u advise me best time 2 plant them&if they can go straight bk out or do they need 2 go in pots 1st.As of yet I dont have a greenhouse but am going 2 purchase 1 shortly if u can give me any advice on this also Tnx.

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The tubes as you call them are last years stems, with the tubers underneath, which is the part that goes in the ground, I wouldn,t plant them out yet, but if you have a heated greenhouse you can start them off in pots.

18 Feb, 2012


Thanks 4 the advice.

19 Feb, 2012


Hi Zarasteve, I see you have extended your question, but also asked as a seperate question, I would follow sbg,s advice for the geranium,s.
I ordered a new greenhouse last year, but delayed delivery until march, the only 12foot x8 I could find with na single door was at the greenhouse people, all the others had double doors, which is fine if you waqnt a 4foot wide path instead of two 3foot wide borders or staging, Iprefer to have wider borders, the only problem is that it is only about 4 foot high at the eaves, so I,m going to put it on 5 courses of brick to raise it up.

20 Feb, 2012

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