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is it safe to use jeys fluid before planting potatoes



No, it will poison the soil. If you are planting in non-porous containers, you can wash the containers with it, as long as they are rinsed thoroughly before filling with compost. With porous containers, such as wood or terracotta, it is better to drench them several times with boiling water.

18 Feb, 2012


Many older gardeners still routinely use jeyes fluid and armillatox to treat their soil against "problems". Club root and onion white rot are particular examples.
Both products are not recommended anymore by EU regulations so using the above is against recommendations though it is still licensed i believe in other countries

However, this tells you what it can't be used for anymore and why

19 Feb, 2012


Thank you for web site information, Scrumpy. It seems planting etc is okay 3 weeks after application, or less, depending on what/where/when you are planting or doing. Most illuminating site - thank you!

19 Feb, 2012

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