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By Sheilar

Sunderland Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom Gb

What does 'add a plant' mean on here?



it allows you to catalogue the plants you have in your garden. if you click on your news tab you then get a series of tabs . one is garden. this is your personal plant list. I suspect yours is empty. if you click on mine you will see most of the plants in my garden. when I get new plants I then go to 'add a plant' and it gives me a template for putting plant information in.

It is one of the things i really like about GoY.

22 Feb, 2012


Thanks for asking that question,sheilar.Helped me too seaburngirl (:0)

22 Feb, 2012


Aah, I see, that's handy isn't it. I've been meaning to ask for ages. Thanks Seaburngirl. :-)

22 Feb, 2012


Me too. I was wondering what is was. Great idea.

11 Mar, 2012

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