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i have a over grown bambo plant in the garden how do i cut it back



With a pair of sharp secateurs. Best done late March though.

22 Feb, 2012


It is usually best to cut out the oldest stems completely, since most species' canes die after 3-4 years. Remaining stems can be cut back to side branches, but not so far as bare canes--often, bare canes will not sprout. Removing unwanted sprouts from a running bamboo is a whole other project, though!

22 Feb, 2012


Realy you need to dig it up and chop the culm or roots back to the size you want then plant what's left within a special bamboo membrane to keep it in check . I hope your fealing fit and energetic. cutting the shoots will just premote more growth and be very tempery at best . Its ominas that our local garden center no longer sells any kinds of bamboo . its a perfect time to do this job is the only good news . good luck .

23 Feb, 2012

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