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FAO Patricia re magnolia in pots.

Magnolia stellata has been in pot for a couple of years and magnolia grandiflora planted in pot last year as you can see from the picture the magnolia grandiflora was a good size when I bought it (its behind the camelia) but it has now doubled in size and is halfway up the house Hope it helps you.

Dsc00970 Dsc00999 Magnolia_grandiflora_013



Thankyou I to bought and planted mine in a pot last year .

Its in full bud now .

So looking forward to it blooming in its pot.

22 Feb, 2012


That M grandifolia is not going to survive in the pot for long and, as Bamboo has stated, they hate root disturbance.

22 Feb, 2012


MG a neighbour of ours has had hers in a pot for more than 8 years and still looking good.

And if I get as long as that I would be delighted as the plant was not expensive out of Lidl.

23 Feb, 2012


I thought you had stellata Scotkat not grandifolia

23 Feb, 2012


I agree Scotkat, I planted mine in a pot as I simply do not have any room in my garden left and I wanted something magnificent as a speciman plant in a pot to group with other plants to hide an ugly wall. Even if it does not get any bigger, I will be more than happy to replace in the future if I have to. At the moment it has doubled in size and started to spread out and I am really loking forward to see how it performs this year.

23 Feb, 2012

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