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can someone perhaps advise me on how to deal with tiny tree shoots appearing all over in my garden which are coming from large council mummy trees that are situated the other side of my garden fencing ????????



What is a Mummy Tree ?

23 Feb, 2012


I doubt that they are the Mummy Trees described on Google - these are 2,000 year old mummified trees and long dead!
If the shoots come from suckering roots then they are probably flowering cherries? These are not too much trouble in a lawn because they can be mowed down. If in the flower borders this is a different matter. They have to be dug out and a barrier sunk round the edge of the garden to stop them invading again. Any point in talking to your council and asking if they have any solution for you.

23 Feb, 2012


I 'think' Mousey means 'mother' trees!

23 Feb, 2012


Do you know what type of tree it is? I find Maple and Sycamore seem to seed like mad - this time of year you can normally just pick out the sprouting seedlings. A rake can take out loads at a time, esp a grass rake. I found that taking out a few of the more determined one every time you go past is less maddening.

23 Feb, 2012


Ah..I see what you mean MG........Not a night for the cryptic crossword for me..;0)

23 Feb, 2012


Me neither Pimpernel!

23 Feb, 2012


Hello, and bulbaholic has it! I have had this problem before. Yes, they will mow off for a year or two, but the root structure underneath keeps strengthening and growing through the lawn and flower beds. I suggest you contact your council, as owners of the trees, regarding this problem, and request they root prune to your boundary, so that you can then apply SBK or glyphosate to the root extensions in your garden without the poison going back and killing the main tree. Go gently and slowly ... I have found this to be the best way forward, rather than just complaining about situation. Hope this helps.

24 Feb, 2012

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