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okay how do i tell a cherry tree from a poisonous tree
pleas tell me



You can look for cherry under Google images and compare the leaves and blossom at the appropriate times of year. The bark of cherries is usually a dark rich reddish colour and rather shiny. Are you talking about a garden tree or a wild one? The flowers of the wild bird cherry are rather different from the garden ones. Or are you concerned about the fruit? A cherry tree produces fruit like the cherries you buy. There are no other trees is the UK that produce fruit of a similar size and colour that grow in groups of two or three with a little knobby join at the tops of the stems, but maybe someone from the US will be able to tell you about your native trees.

23 Feb, 2012


Cherries will always have a sunken "seam" along one side of the fruit, like all members of the stone fruit subfamily, such as peaches and plums. Be aware that wild choke cherries have the same seam, and, while not poisonous, don't make pleasant eating, at all!! If in doubt, don't eat!

24 Feb, 2012

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