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Anyone know what this is

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Found this plant in my daughter's garden. It is self sown and has very pungent leaves. They have a menthol type smell. I was wondering, (hoping) that it is feverfew




It looks very much like the Feverfew that is making itself very much at home in my garden. The flowers are like white daisies about an inch across. Don't let it go to seed or you'll be chasing it round the garden trying to get rid!

12 Apr, 2009


yes I agree, just can't wait 'till July to identify by its flowers. The leaves do have a distinctive smell which made me think of wormwood. Have googled both, and I am now even more confused.

12 Apr, 2009


It is feverfew. I have it in a 'secure' place in the garden so i can keep it under control. I find it pulls out easily and is a good addition to the compost bin.

12 Apr, 2009


Yes, I have it too...all too rampant, and am always tugging it's a bit of a headache in the garden but then you can infuse the leaves and take it for it!! lol

12 Apr, 2009


I too have it mine is a double flower type very pretty, it does seed itself around but i just pull out the ones i don't wnat and leave the rest, i rather like it!!

12 Apr, 2009

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