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We have recently purchased a free standing bird table and placed it in centre of the garden, with fat balls hanging, bird seed on the tray and a bird nut feeder hanging, all full up and cannot believe we have not seen one bird go anywhere near it . Help what have we done wrong x



Sometimes they take a little while to suss it out,Careyely,as they need to feel you have cats around,and are there any trees or shrubs nearby,where they can easily escape to,or watch from ? ...They like to have water available too...and some birds are ground won't always visit the bird table..I'm sure you will get some before long..

24 Feb, 2012


I agree. Placing it nearer a fence, tree or tall shrub might help the birds feel safer, rather than being exposed and out in the open. But they will come, as Bloomer says.

24 Feb, 2012


It is also very mild at present and the birds are able to find plenty of natural food so are not visiting bird tables and the like as often. When we site a new feeder in the garden it can take the birds a while to decide it is safe to use.

24 Feb, 2012


I'd agree with all of the above - the birds defintely like to have a tree nearby to watch out from, and they haven't been eating anything like as much this winter as last. I have hardly seen any goldfinches this year, and last they were in flocks ( or 'charms', though I think they are very quarrelsome!)of 10 or 12.

24 Feb, 2012


We did have charms of goldfinches but they seem to have stopped visiting - possibly because we decided they no longer needed sunflower hearts.

25 Feb, 2012

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