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Hi, as I am new to this site, i don't know how to thank everyone so far for their kind suggestions and sympathy with regard to the new fence and what i should plant. I will have a look round the local garden centres at whats been suggested and yes, I think i do need some legal advice
! regards Barberella



Hi Barbarella next time you can just add your reply to the existing question rather than starting a new one - good luck with the fence. I know in Scotland the side that the posts are on is the side that the fence is owned by.

12 Apr, 2009


the unsightly side should belong to the owner of the fence. We asked a neighbour to turn their new fence the right way ie neat for us. Thankfully they had only put up the first section. they said no at first but they must have checked back on the deeds as next day they had it correct. after about 6 months the wife came round saying she was fed up of her hubby sulking about it and could my hubby be friends. I wasnt aware that we werent as we ladies always spoke. my hubby just went to work earlier. we have moved since but still see them regularly.

so barberella2 it might not be the end of the world for you and your neighbours.

12 Apr, 2009


Your'e very welcome!!!

12 Apr, 2009


As I work in the property industry, I can confirm 100% that the post side of a fence should be on the side of the owner, unless agreed with the neigbour,

12 Apr, 2009


Phil1956, could you find the legislation that makes this legal please as I cannot find it. I didn't think it was a legal requirement to do this, but purely courtesy. If you could let me know I would be grateful.

I have researched this and have visited a reliable source that quotes;

"Their is no legal maxim for the placement of the fence posts or the 'good side' of a fence. It is generally discussed with the owner(s) prior to construction, with the 'payer' generally electing to receive the 'good' side."

Barbarella, I have written about the legal ins and outs regarding fences on your other question, hope you find it useful. As for the post thing, I hope Phil can clarify this for me.

13 Apr, 2009

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