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My Senecio Sunshine's leaves have all gone brown (see photo). The plant is a well-established one. Will the brown leaves fall off and be replaced by the silvery-grey ones? Thanks in advance for your advice.




I can't tell by looking at the picture whether the leaves are crispy or just brown. I think you must have had, like most of Europe, a sudden period of intense cold during February after a previously mild winter - the shock of that might be what's caused this problem.
It looks as if there are tiny new, non brown leaves on some of the tips - suggest you wait till March or mid March, depending on how cold it is, and cut the whole thing down to wherever the leaves are not brown - if they're brown right down to the bottom, then cut it down to 6 inches of stem. Feed with a general purpose fertiliser around the base, something like Growmore, a granular product. Provided it is just cold damage, the plant should regrow with a vengeance during spring and summer, they're tough old things and respond well to being cut severely.

25 Feb, 2012


Bamboo, The leaves are not crispy just brown but the whole plant has brown leaves down to the ground. I will do as you say and cut it down to 6 inches of stem and feed as you suggest. Thank you for your advice and time.

26 Feb, 2012

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