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are used coffee grounds any use in the garden,i use old tea leaves and they are good



Coffee grouts are mildy acidifying, but more acid than tea bags. Can be poured around acid loving plants, or added to the compost heap, as long as its not lots every day.

25 Feb, 2012


Put them on the compost heap as bamboo suggests, they soon rot down, I used to get them from my local costa coffee!

25 Feb, 2012


I have heard that they help to keep a fading-into-pink hydrangea blue - I'm trying it as we speak. I'll let you know the results! :o/

26 Feb, 2012


You'd be better off using aluminium sulphate or sequestrene iron tonic for that, Nariz - the effect of the coffee grouts is pretty mild.

26 Feb, 2012


Love to - wish I knew where to get it in this bereft-of-garden-centre country. I tried to get it in the ferreteria (ironmongers) once having looked up the Spanish name for it in my huuuuuuuge dictionary, and the staff just looked at me, looked at each other, sadly shook thjeir heads and wandered off to serve someone else! I bet when they see me coming into their shop they say "Look out! Here comes that mad Englishwoman asking for strange things that don't exist!"

27 Feb, 2012


Ah, yes, difficult then. Maybe you should get someone here to post you a pack, like a Red Cross parcel!

27 Feb, 2012



28 Feb, 2012

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