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What am I to do ?
Despite drenching my pots with Provado last Autumn, I find, after digging around them today the vine weevil grubs are still munching away especially the fuchsia's and sempervivums roots ! Boo !

On plant Evil weevil grubs.



There is a nematode available for vine weevil Valadel. I asked a similar question a while back and I think Cinderella asked the other day.
Probably not as comprehensive an answer that you want but I hope it helps a wee bit :))
I haven't treated for any yet - but was going to try the provado first!!

26 Feb, 2012


I did my pots in November and yesterday I had a dig in a couple of my larger pots outside and found a few. I think the mild winter means they were not as dormant as they would normally be and those eggs that were missed are now grubs. I would say the ones I found are still smallish, about half size and couldn't find any real damage. Hence I treated them yesterday and again today.
Gave them a good drench and left them standing in trays.

When I did it in November I did use a weaker mixture but have now used 300ml per 10ltr. I did test it on the grubs I got and they died on contact. It only lasts a few weeks so another drench in early spring is normal : /

27 Feb, 2012


Agree with Steve. I would also suggest repotting in a peat free compost. They do not seem to be as keen on that as a peat based one.

27 Feb, 2012


I agree - stop using peat based composts - they love it!! I haven't had a single weevil since swapping.

27 Feb, 2012


have to admit in the early days of my garden I used quite a bit and that definately attracted them. whatever I am using I always fill the base of any pot with garden soil and top of the top with it also so its not as tempting

27 Feb, 2012


Grit on pots does help, but it needs to be at least 2 inches deep to stop her from finding soil to lay the eggs. They are laid on the soil next to the stem(s) of plants. Stop her finding the soil and no laying takes place. On single stem plants you can put a plastic sheet round the base of the plant, in the same fashion as pads are put round Cabbages to stop Cabbage root fly

27 Feb, 2012


Well thanks all, this has been very informative. Using peat free makes sense alas have already stocked up so will drench again ( and again) and get loads of grit, as for the nematodes I may go down that road but I think the temperature has to be right ?
Once again many thanks I feel much better now.

27 Feb, 2012

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