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my pieris japonica is looking pretty sorry for itself:

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i repoted it at the end of last season as it had outgrown its pot. this year the flowers are limp and have lost their colour. during the winter we had lots of rain and i'm worried the pot became waterlogged. what can i do to revive it?

On plant Pieris japonica



ive got 2 of these and although im a newby to whole gardening world I know they like sun and warmth. where abouts are they?

Ive done the following with one of my other plants and it perked up loads:
you could always try planting them in another large pot with more compost/soil to help soak up any excess moisture

probably best check that last bit with a pro first
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13 Apr, 2009


Hi Mariehelen, by 'flowers' do you mean the bright red bracts? The flowers are actually white, or yellow, bell like and hang in racemes.

Now to questions when you repotted did you use and ericaceous (acidic) compost? If not your Pieris is probably short on nourishment.

Assuming your pot has holes in the bottom heavy winter rain shouldn't have caused any real problems.

Oh and some Pieris like part shade...

13 Apr, 2009


I had mine in a permanant shady area and my neighbour has a few in her front garden and had a lot more colour in the leaves so i,ve just dug mine up put it in a large container into the front garden and after 2 days the colour has improved i,m hoping it will flower for the first time this year.

22 Apr, 2009

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