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when is the best time to plant Acer palmatum?

birmingham, United Kingdom Gb

when is the best time to plant acer and where is best place?do they do well in pots?thanks

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If it's bought in a pot, you can plant them at any time. Yes, they are fine in pots - big ones - but do remember that taller-growing ones will eventually outgrow the pot and then you will need to plant it in the garden. They prefer sun or a little shade and definitely must have shelter from cold winds (and heavy frost too.) Good luck - which one of the many have you got your eye on? By the way, welcome to GOY!

19 Apr, 2008


Many thanks for reply i got two acers for five pound from wilko's of all places.Not sure what type it is it says maple on the tag.I am a complete novice on the gardening front but have just got a house a small garden and got interested in planting a few things in it.Thanks again.

19 Apr, 2008


If they are very small (under, say, 40 cm in height) I would recommend planting them in tubs to begin with - this is because they are slightly frost tender and you can shove them in a sheltered corner over the winter if in pot. They do extremely well in tubs too, but make sure they get enough water. ALso, if small, be watchfull of slugs as they can chew around the base of the stem and effectively 'ring bark' the tree, which will kill it. fBigger/older trees are much tougher! Good luck!

20 Apr, 2008


I have several acers. Where you put them will depend what colour the leaves are. Pale green or yellowy will burn in full sun. I've had to move several to a shadier place. Darker cloours are tougher but they don't like to get too dry. I think they are lovely. Good luck with them!

21 Apr, 2008


I planted mine around the end of April

3 Jul, 2008

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