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We live in a 2-year-old block of flats in Salford, Manchester. When the building was finished, flower beds were inserted into the surrounding lawns. However, after last year's bad winter, few plants remain. There is also a problem with the land sloping so the ground is very very wet and the beds get water-logged.

There are some reed-looking grasses which have survived but look like dead grass, mainly brown. Have you any suggestions as to what we could plant there please? A thriving peony bush which I brought from our old house lasted only 2-3 months although we took a huge piece of surrounding soil with it so as not to disturb the roots.

We'd be grateful for any advice. Thank you.



Agree with Bilbo ... please clarify where your garden is, so we can help you better. Often the UK and US names are so similar we get confused, and there are plenty out there who do so deliberately!!

27 Feb, 2012


There seems to be only one Salford, Manchester and that's in the UK.

27 Feb, 2012


how about going with your high water table and making a nice bog garden with gunnera etc . id imaginewhat you have left are old reeds or some water plant from last year . they always die back in winter but are likley to come back in spring . a photo would be great . nearly all english towns and cities are repeated in america . i guess people moved out there in the first place and named new towns and cities etc after the places they had come from .

28 Feb, 2012


No state named Manchester here, though! : )

29 Feb, 2012

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