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loads of questions..please help


By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

ok here goes straight to the point:
What should i plant near my japanese acre to help with the wind problem, its quite breezy where it is and am worried.

My blackcurrent and blackberry are qhite leafy now do they need some sort of netting/supports at a young stage they are about 35cms high and about 30cms wide.
How big does a japonica (pieris) get?
Anemone queen charlotte how big do these get and what should they be avoided planting near?
Can I plant Dalias early bird dwarf, near peppermint as i thought these would make a nice display in planters?



You are right to be worried about wind and Acers - it needs shelter from the wind ASAP. Can you maybe buy a nice-looking willow or bamboo screen for it while you plant a shrub or two (Camellia?) that will grow up and give it shelter and dapped shade?
Can't answer about fruit bushes, sorry.

Pieris can grow up to 8-10 feet or maybe even more in favourable soils and positions.

Anemone Qu. C. gets up to about 4 ft and if it likes you, spreads madly! Can be a thug. Watch out! It will grow up through anything in its way. Be careful therefore where you put it. Don't plant anything precious or fragile near it.

Mints are thugs - they spread and choke other plants. I wouldn't plant it with Dahlias, myself.

Is all that OK? Sorry about the missing answer!

13 Apr, 2009


japonicas get big then thats good I have the perfect place for them and the queen charlotte, my poor Japancese acre, do you think i should dig it up and move it or would that make it worse? I feel awful about that poor thing

thanks for all your help sprtizhenry.much appreciated

will keep peppermint well away
x x x

13 Apr, 2009


Queen charlotte will spread once it is happy. Mine gets over 5ft but it is in a shady spot so that could account for it.

I have never staked the black currants as they friut on last years wood so they are stiffened up by nature. as for the blackberry i assume it will have a similar habit to the bramble so i would suggest you tie it to a frame of some description.

You could plant the mint in its pot into the decorative pot to help keep it in the space designated for it.

hope this adds to spritz's answer and offers some help.

13 Apr, 2009


Mookins it might well be easier to move the Acer but if you do it now it will certainly set the tree back. Try to provide protection from the wind and move in autumn when the sap has gone down. Living where we do I wouldn't plant Camellias in a windy spot either

13 Apr, 2009


Mookins, sooo sorry to be so late! If you've only just put the acer in, I would move it now, but make sure it's kept well watered and planted in a new hole with good compost.

The blackcurrant will grow about 1.2m high/wide eventually. I've bought a cage to put round one of my blackcurrants. The other 2 are in pots so the birds can eat those! Lol!

15 Apr, 2009

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