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Took a cutting last year from a beautiful clematis growing in Dads garden, I`m pleased to say it has come through the winter and is showing new shoots already, when will be the best time to place it in the garden, I no longer have access to our old house so don`t want to lose it..
All advice will be appreciated...



I'd be inclined to grow it on in a pot for a year or two. Repot it in spring into the next size up until it's in a 5 or 6 inch pot. It can stand outside over summer but put in a sheltered place over winter. then plant it outside, after hardening it off properly next spring.

28 Feb, 2012


Thankyou Volunteer, I`ll do that....

28 Feb, 2012


Don`t know Bilbo, its been in dads garden a long while and he never could remember, unfortunately I haven`t a pic, its covered in pure white blooms and lasts for weeks in the summertime, I`ve only the one cutting, so as you can imagine I`d hate to lose it..

28 Feb, 2012


Good luck Lincslass, I look forward in seeing photos ofthe blooms in a couple of years

12 Mar, 2012

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