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My acre is weeping sap from the stem and mould has started to grow on it. Is this normal and what should be done? Thanks stu



Hi, I wondered when it was you pruned the acer? Its possible you have pruned it at the wrong time,the best time being in its dorment months,however its better not bind it with anything as the air is best for healing the cuts. I do mine between November and february and they seem ok. :)

28 Feb, 2012


Thank you for your advice, I did prune it recently during a warm spell. I will keep an eye on it and with luck it will live through my impromptu pruning!

28 Feb, 2012


Which particular Acer are you referring to>

28 Feb, 2012


Unfortunately, this year, the sap was up early - Acers should be pruned, if necessary, after July and not after January.

29 Feb, 2012

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