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what plants have large root systems?



9aa are these exam or test questions you are putting up hoping we can answer for you?

29 Feb, 2012


willows have large root systems .

29 Feb, 2012


If it is an exam question, what is the problem? Research needs answers!!! Nettles, couch grass, any of the cress family, willows as noseypotter suggests, mint, hazel, raspberries and no doubt many more others ...

29 Feb, 2012


Avkq because folk asking the question of GoY members are not making the effort to find out the info fro themselves but relying on us. Over the past years, generally, we have encouraged folk to read their notes, lectures and not expect us to give instant answers. Obviously it is your choice to answer or not but will it actually help if this is a student who then needs to give actual info for a test or exam - especially a student in Australia. Spoon feeding serves no one.

29 Feb, 2012


I agree with MG to a large extent. but equally if it is an exam question and we know it is and wish to help then knowing the standard of question will provoke the right depth of answer. Are they after opinion [GoY members by and large as we talk about what we grow] or scientific fact.

in the past I have been happy to help. when a concerned 'gran' asked a question at GCSE level for her grand-daughter I was happy/confident to give a response suitable to the level of the student.

But research is much more than just the internet. There is a lot of misinformation on the net that really gets me annoyed as it is difficult to cross reference it or remove it.

29 Feb, 2012


this is about questions i do believe know more know less but putting a bit of humanity in it would be nice or you can just use google realy .i agree with seaburngirl x ,

1 Mar, 2012


Hello! Does it really matter where the information comes from? ie from us, if we know, or another website, or even the library? Students have to start somewhere with their research, and with the internet available, information is quicker and easier to get hold of. I would be sad if the days of the library are dwindling, but with the internet growing so so much, I fear the worst!!

3 Mar, 2012


i know what you mean avkq47 as this is a question page and that was a question .

4 Mar, 2012


i resent the assumption that all australian students are being 'spoon fed'... I merely asked the question to gain knowledge for a fine art project I am currently working on at university. Thank you to everyone who gave me the information i asked for, i really appreciate it!

5 Mar, 2012


your more than welcome 9aa

5 Mar, 2012


you are welcome 9aa but there was no intent on my part to asign any slurr on students australian or otherwise.

My point was specifically if we know why the question is asked it can be answered in the best manner possible. we often get asked 'plants for shade' we then ask about garden aspect, soil pH etc.

We have had questions posed that we know come from exam courses and often students new to studying independently need help in managing this demanding skill. Today our 14-16 yr olds [England for certain] are expected to research science work and as part of the marking criteria they have to discuss the reliability of the sources used. Not any easy skill to develop. The internet has many articles published with little regard to accuracy.

Had your request mentioned it was for art work then I could have directed you to some fantastic images I have in a couple of books i own.

5 Mar, 2012


Yup me too!

5 Mar, 2012


i do agree both ways but at the end of the day that was a question and this is a question page .

6 Mar, 2012


I agree, NP, and as far as I am concerned a question is a question, regardless. This member should not have been subjected to such harsh responses. If I asked about 'plants for shade', would that provoke the same response? I hope not!! New members and occasional questions are thin on this site, in comparison to others. GOY members need to get their proverbial thumbs out of their ....., and start acting as a gardening question site and not as a magistrate's court!!

6 Mar, 2012


here here avkq47
a strate question deserves a strate answer know more know less .

7 Mar, 2012

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