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Moray, Scotland Sco

We have a garden pond that we top up from the tap. I know that if I had a water butt under the downspout of the house I could fit a diverter onto the downspout to direct some of the rain water into the water butt. If I were to to connect the diverter to the pond hose instead of a water butt would this allow just a small percentage of the rainwater, in a storm, to the pond whilst the rest goes into the drain. I don't want to flush the pond out in a heavy rainfall event!



it does no harm at all to give your pond a water change with rain water.i wouldnt worry to much.your fish will love it.just watch for the water washing your soil away is all but the pond will benefit in every other way

13 Apr, 2009


Make sure you put old tights or a mesh of some kind, else the pond will get all the old leaves and debris....

15 Apr, 2009


good thinking craft

17 Apr, 2009

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