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Gwynedd, United Kingdom Gb

I have a rose in my garden called Just Joey. Its a standard rose. It stands in a large pot in a soth facing garden. My grandmother and my aunt have the same rose and their's are both coming in to budand generally looking healthier than mine. It doesnt seem to have had any growth on
It since it was first planted last Autumn. It still looks green and alive. Is there Znything I can do to hel p it along. Many thanks.



You could give it a feed with any rose fertiliser from the GC. There are several available. If there are any brown, dead ends of branches, these could be snipped off now, too.

2 Mar, 2012


Feeding roses doesn't usually start till April, particularly with specialist rose feeds such as Toprose. Now is the time to prune this one though. The trouble with yours might be because it's in a pot - roses much prefer to be in the ground, where they can put down deep roots.

2 Mar, 2012


None of my roses have started into growth yet. There is plenty of time before you need to start worrying. You would not expect much new top growth straight after planting as the rose would be putting down new roots. If you are on higher ground you may still have some frosts and if so it might be good to hold off pruning until danger of sharp ones is over. If you're near the coast you might risk it. The forecast for Monday night around your coast is around 1 degree so its a bit dodgy.

2 Mar, 2012


Hello! I start to feed my roses anytime from when they start budding. Which compost is your rose planted in? Toprose suggests first feed in 'spring' which can vary so much from one end of the country to the other. If spring arrives in your corner, and the rose is still looking sad, with few buds, try a rose tonic to give it a boost (and a kick!). The other thing that occurs is what is happening to the root structure? On a warm day, you could try lifting it out gently - are there plenty of fibrous roots, or does it look like the day you planted it? If so, then apply a drench of vine weevil killer.

2 Mar, 2012


I always follow the advice in The Rose Expert - first feed in April (with Toprose) and another 6 weeks later, Avkg47 - probably safest to do it in April, some parts of the country are pretty cold with not much happening prior to that a lot of years.

3 Mar, 2012

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