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By Tadpole

Gwynedd, United Kingdom Gb

Could anybody please explain to me how to get back to the people who have answered my questions. Ot would be nice to say thanks. Thanks to thise of you who answered about my lavander. Incidentally when would be the best time to take the lavander cuttings?



If you go to the end of the comments, you can thank everyone as if you were answering your own question, in the comment box. Then everyone who has commented will see it.

2 Mar, 2012


This works because if you look at the top of the page where it says Hi Tadpole, Your Options, click on that and choose Your News you can see a list of all the questions you have asked and all the things you have commented on. If you then click on the one you want it takes you to the original question, where you can add another comment if you wish.

2 Mar, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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