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DISEASED CLIMBING ROSE, Can anybody identify, from the picture, the problem with my climbing rose.Only 2 yrs old. and looking off colour and depressed.

Cumbria_2011_143 Cumbria_2011_141



Doesn't look as if its been pruned - now is the time to do that, removing dead, diseased and weak stems. And by the look of the foliage next to the rose leaves, you're growing it up some kind of conifer - how close is it planted to that at the base? If its less than 2 feet, that will cause problems.

2 Mar, 2012


Are these new leaves or from last season? ( Sorry if this seems a daft question, but up here the roses haven't got going at all yet.)

2 Mar, 2012


Bamboo you are spot on, it is growing up the inner edge of an archway in a Leylandi hedge. The rooting is about 2ft from the Rose rooting.
It hasnt been pruned so these are old leaves still looking new.

2 Mar, 2012


Your rose won't like the situation much - you may need to give it extra care in the form of mulching round the base with well rotted animal manure, keeping it watered during dry spells, and applying a specialist rose food twice a year, once in April and again 6 weeks later (Toprose or similar)

2 Mar, 2012


One of mine has gone like this and I have put it down to frost damage - it shouldn't be leafing up just yet.

2 Mar, 2012

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